Towards Momentum

Auspicious Posting and the Milli-Blog

Nathan Blair


Auspicious Posting

Putting things out in the world has had a positive impact on my life. I’ve met the vast majority of my post-college friends on Twitter discussing music (see: hyperpop) and software. That’s where I met Peytie, too, confirming my suspicion that Twitter is the best dating app.

me, justin, jun, quiana, peytie, and sunny. photo by christian kim

It turns out, posting my thoughts about music software was a very good idea, and led to my current job as a music software *er.

I like to think I’m preparing for good fortune. It’s not a guarantee, but posting creates all of these opportunities for new connections and growth.

All of this being said, I believe in sharing my thoughts with the world. Unfortunately, Twitter (X!) is a bit of an L right now. So, inspired by my former professor, I’m trying out milliblogging.

The Blog

On Twitter, I mostly post about audio software; that’s what people follow me for, anyways. I hope to go broader here. I’ll do my best to touch on these topics and more:

I’ll end with an album recommendation. Jack Kilgore and Alex Meinhof are better artists than I am. I’m working on it.